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Default Re: Bold Prediction: Tony Parkers gets MVP this year

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
Based on what? Let's go over the games Parker has missed this year.

Spurs vs Bulls: Spurs win by 14 despite no Parker (or Duncan).

Spurs vs Heat: Lose by just 5 despite no "Big 3" including Parker.

Spurs vs Blazers: Win by 3 despite no Parker.

So they are 3-0 this year without him and anybody who knows basketball knows the Spurs system makes everybody thrive. They can line up a group of D League players and still win games, because they are that well coached and the system is that spectacular.

In other words NOTHING has suggested that the Spurs NEED Parker. Go make a thread asking if Parker or CP3 is the better player or PG this year (wording is up to you). Let's get a bet going.

But I know who the best PG is...what's the point in asking that when the answer is obvious? And, I never said that Parker would place ahead of Paul. I said it's been a topic that people have debated this season, whereas you said it wasn't debatable. And if you look back, you'll see that's exactly what I've been saying.

And I'll say it, regardless of what other people think.

And, if they lost to Miami, how are they 3-0? They're 2-1. Hell, that's a worse win percentage than they have with him, if you wanna be technical. Which I imagine is what you're doing, as you're using a THREE game sample. Three games.

If you really think they could drop in solid PG in and get the same results, then you be crazy. That's obviously not true.

They are legitimate contenders for a title and they wouldn't be without Parker playing the way he is. You can't drop Deron playing the way Deron currently is and get the same results. Pop would have to motivate Deron to play better...but then again, that's a whole other discussion. How Parker is actually doing is the issue and he's playing like an elite player. Elite players are never anything but essential.
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