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Default Re: Bargnani and Lowry Centre of Team Meeting

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
Lowry is still the most productive and best overall player on the team this year. Although when it comes to the Raptors, that's not saying too much. Any adjustments he needs to make are minor when it comes to decision making. Particularly at the end of games. But really, if you need someone to create a scoring opportunity, who is better?

I would not say the adjustments Lowry has to make are minor. His decision making has been a glaring flaw everywhere he has been and no coach has been able to change it. If Casey is the guy who can fix it, then great, but I would be surprised if he could. Lowry has not been able to stick anywhere for a reason.

Anyways, the count continues. Raps now 5-5 with Calderon starting and 2-14 with Lowry at the helm.
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