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Default Re: Bargnani and Lowry Centre of Team Meeting

Calderon clearly plays better when he has full reign at the PG spot. But what I also want to say is that I feel as though Bargnani being out makes a huge difference. More of a difference than Lowry being out. Because now all of a sudden, our bigs all play in the paint. They are tough, hard nosed guys who rebound and play defense. And all of their scores are high percentage. Ed Davis is at 56% and Val at 51%. And I also think it makes it much easier for a point guard when his bigs play around the rim and look for the lob and/or pick and roll. So Bargnani being out is addition by subtraction. Now, Lowry of course isn't the pure pg that Calderon is but I think if you plugged in Lowry to the current team sans Bargnani they would still be better than they would be with both Lowry AND Bargnani back.
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