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Default Re: Bargnani and Lowry Centre of Team Meeting

Originally Posted by bokes15
Which leads back to the problem of having 2 starting calibur pg's on the same team. Our team has proven more than any over the past 6 seasons that it's not an advantage to have 2 starting point guards on 1 team. When Calderon comes off the bench, he plays passively and kind of tip toes around out there without that same fire we see when he's the starter. And then when Lowry comes off the bench, he plays like a more aggressive and more trigger happy version of his normal style. I feel like point guard is the one position where you've gotta have a clear cut #1 and #2. Because history always repeats itself. When there's 2 on 1 team, there always tends to be problems.
It's poor roster composition. What's the point of having 2 starting caliber players at one position where they can only split 48 minutes. Unless, of course, you are stupidly playing them both at the same time. The smart thing would be to trade one for a starting caliber player at another position where you could hopefully get ~70 minutes between two players.
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