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Default Re: Who can the Lakers get in 2014 FA????

Originally Posted by longtime lurker
As far as Pau and Kobe in order to entice them to take pay cuts all management has to do is point to two players...Payton and Malone. If Lakers management can sell these guys on a game plan I believe they'll resign. Ideally you'd like to have Pau as the first big off the bench. I know Lakers fans will be like whoa whoa Pau's not a bench player, but he'll be a year older with more miles on his body. He can only play Center and he doesn't provide a defensive presence. I can see Kobe and Pau taking a pay cut 2 year deals with player options on the 2nd year, but management can't screw up. They have to land at least one big free agent and sign some young players with potential. No, oh well we gave it a shot, we'll just fill up the roster with min. contracts and wait for 2015. That's just not a good way to do business.

Oh and stop getting into internet beefs! It aint that serious

I would agree, I think Pau was only so against being on the bench this year because he didn't believe Earl Clark provided more than him or he felt that he didn't deserve to be benched, I think that when you are at 35 or around that age he'd probably realize or be a bit more conscious about his body and physical shape and might think it's a good idea, he can come on as the bench's post presence, I think that when he gets older he might think it could be a decent idea, or he could hate the idea I just think he won't be as against it. The main thing I think you've already touched on why you might bring him on the bench is his lack of defensive presence, not that he's the worst but he's not very good, although his height at 7"0/7"1 isn't the worst to have, I think it showed this year that when he actually played center he was still pretty good, or when his confidence is up anyway, I think that is part of Pau's problem is that he can be mentally not weak but can be easily disappointed and his morale goes down and he becomes a little existentialist lol, maybe that's a bit harsh to his mental or psychological side but I think his morale can go up and down quite quickly, I think in 2012 he was still disappointed about being traded and I think he's been a bit worried about that ever since, I mean he was a little expendable imo in the eyes of management with Dwight and Bynum at different times, I think now he might be a bit more back to himself knowing he is the Lakers center or knowing that he isn't really trade bait anymore unless they decide to really go into full rebuild mode. Although I said before that 2014 is more building blocks I think they do need to try at least one big free agent to try and entice those in the 2015 class I hope, I am not saying that we should do nothing for 2014, just that I don't see as many coming here as 2015 might, although the more I think about it in 2014 the more I could see Carmelo potentially coming here although he might stay in New York could see him maybe leaving with New York's lack of cap room and the Lakers if they re-sign Kobe and Pau cheap still having a fair bit of wiggle room for 2015 cap wise.
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