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Default Re: Guess whois back

The Timberwolves have added some more depth to their post rotation this offseason, adding Etan Thomas, Darius Songaila, Oleksiy Pecherov, Ryan Hollins, and now Mark Blount. The center position now has some more length and athleticism, and a good mix of youth and veterans to support Al Jefferson and Kevin Love. I'm not sure this move was necessary considering the T'Wolves are weak on the perimeter as it is, and Richardson's three-point shooting ability would have added a spark to the up-tempo style of play Minnesota is expected to use.

I don't see what Blount will bring that you can't get from Thomas, Songaila, and Hollins. He may be longer than either of those players, but having Richardson on the wings would have been good, especially considering outside of Ryan Gomes and Damien Wilkins, everyone else is 23 or younger. They need to find a replacement.

EDIT: All this time, I thought Thomas was part of the Foye deal. This trade now looks better on the Wolves' part.

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