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Default Re: How good is Tyson Chandler?

Originally Posted by R.I.P.
The rule and game changes have probably turned Chandler into the most useful center on a championship contender today, because hes the best pick and roll defender in the league. If he has a PG like Kidd (or even Felton) that can throw him some lob passes on offense, hes not a liability there either and has to be respected. Cuban ****ed it up big time. Nobody can feel worse than Cuban watching Kidd and Chandler in New York. They could have kept that whole team together and even added Mayo as the new SG starter in place of Stevenson. I think they would have beaten Miami again last year, not sure whether they would have gotten past San Antonio or the Thunder though.

I like how you say "has a PG like Kidd" and then mention Felton like he's some scrub. Felton is one of the best PGs in the pick and roll in the NBA and has been tearing it up with Chandler all season. Kidd hasn't run the pick and roll at all.
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