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Default Re: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Discussion

Originally Posted by NuggetsFan
What's the consensus best gun or setup? Feels like alot more ways to do things in this game(only played MW2, MW3). Right now I have a shotgun as my secondary weapon like in modern warfare 2. Like 3 attachments on my primary gun, 2 on my secondary so don't have a single tactical, lethal, perks etc. with my class. Dunno if that's an overkill, no big deal er what.

I think Ghost is pretty much mandatory with the crazy UAV spam in this game. 90% of the time Im running with an SMG. I'm going for the diamond camos right now so Im stuck using shitty ones, which drives me nuts. I like the PDW and MSMC the most of the SMGs. MP7 isn't bad either. Vector sucks and the Skorpion goes through bullets so fast. All perk 2's are nothing too great. I run scavenger if I do use one. Perk 3 doesnt have anything great either, I run with Dexterity or Engineer (if Im running care package)

I usually go...

SMG---usually 3 attachments
Ghost/Hardline/Flak Jacket
Perk 1 Greed.
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