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Default Re: Smush Parker responds to Kobe Bryant

Originally Posted by Dro
The people defending Kobe are pathetic, smh...So all you grown men in here are ok with somebody constantly talking shit about you for no reason and you wouldn't defend yourselves...And we all know there have been much worse players in the NBA than Smush Parker..only Kobe stans would agree with him...and I'm sure the context of his comment about Smush not being able to talk to him is anytime...This is the same guy Kobe who told Kyrie Irving that he would barely be able to dribble with Kobe on him..Kyrie is one of the best ball handlers in the league and NOBODY can lock him down 1 on 1...and I saw highlights of that same game, Kyrie splitting defenders and having Kobe reaching for air...

I would hope you aren't grouping me with them. All I said is that's who Kobe is. Never said anything about it being ethical. It's a grown man world, no room for catching feelings.

And the Kyrie thing is trash talk. Again, this is Kobe Bryant, the superstar, ultra confident athlete. Not like he's going to say "Yes, Kyrie would own me 1 on 1". I doubt I would here anything different from guys like LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Garnett, etc...

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