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Default Re: Smush Parker responds to Kobe Bryant

Originally Posted by Dro
No, I'm not grouping you with them but you can't tell me that its hard not to group all Laker fans together when seemingly 95% of the posts in every Kobe thread, they rationalize everything he does...But about the Kyrie thing, that was more than trash talk to me..I watched it multiple times and Kobe was so serious, he was taking it personal..Kyrie was responding back to him like "are you serious"? Like, he thought Kobe had to be joking for how serious was taking it...Kobe wasn't just trash talking, he's really arrogant enough to believe that Kyrie would not be able to dribble against him..You can tell by the tone of his words, and the no point was Kobe laughing like ha, ha, I'm just messing with you bro...He was dead serious...

If you're going to continue to come up in here with sock puppet accounts, at least try to say something different. The bolded, refers way more to Lebron fans than it can ever apply to Laker/Kobe fans, no matter how many times you post that. Nice try
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