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Default Re: Smush Parker responds to Kobe Bryant

Originally Posted by Dro
What in the hell is sock puppet account Sorry I don't have 10,000 posts...I only posts when I feel like it..I have a life outside of inside hoops...sorry...Lol at you trying to separate yourself from Lebron fans...Yes they are bad and Kobe fans are equally bad... Kobe would never need any bodyguards the way some of you hang from his *******...quick to come running to defend your idol anytime someone doesn't kiss his azz....


Originally Posted by pauk
...and oh Lebron robbed Wade of FMVP? No... considering my assessment its actually Wade who robbed Lebron/Miami of a Championship because he didnt want to give Lebron the greenlight he openly gave to him in 2012.... he turned Lebron into a sidekick in the Finals, into a true 2nd fiddle, because thats how Lebron was playing... he didnt play bad, he didnt shoot bad, he only facilitated and took few shots... like a true Scottie Pippen would do.... and thats NOT LEBRON....

Nice try

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