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Default Re: Avoiding Processed Food

Originally Posted by bmulls
I'm not going to post any pics here, but they are on this website if you want to look. I carry a lot of muscle and am very lean and I drink diet soda all the time, 4 or 5 cans per day.

"High" fructose corn syrup is 60/40 fructose/glucose, sugar is 50/50. There is nothing terrible or awful in HFCS that is not in sugar. The vast majority of calories in fruit come from fructose.

Yeah, you drink DIET soda. Sugar/HFCS is incredibly bad for you. Fruit generally has sugar in lesser amounts than processed food like soda and it has other benefits like fiber and vitamins. Why don't you switch to 4-5 cans of regular soda and see what happens. Hint: You'd become diabetic. Thats like eating a tub of ice cream worth of sugar everyday.

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