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Default Re: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
My first and basic impressions so far:

- The sound and music is great. The voice acting also seems much improved since Oblivion.

- The distant landscapes looks great. The overall artistic look of the world is pretty good.

- The individual textures aren't anything special. Things like swords, armor and other items up close don't look as great as you'd expect. I saw better in the Witcher 2.

- The PC version is just a lazy console-port with apparently no optimization for a PC. The menus are a chore to navigate because it seems like using the mouse hasn't been fully integrated. That's completely unacceptable. Once again, gamers will have to rely on mods to play this game in its full potential.

They went from 15 to 70+ voice actors so the voice acting improvement is to be expected. Thanks for info dude. There is something I want to know in particular if you can help me. Are the companions useful? I was told you can get companions like Fallout 3/Vegas.
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