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Default Re: Saints Suspensions

Originally Posted by Riddler
This needs to happen... I'd really like to see this.

Saints will become my second favorite team in 2012 if this goes down.

Love me some Bill Parcells.
More Skip/Stew Stupidity on First Take; they're saying, well one of the brothers and Skip Bayless, that Goodell should step in to say Parcells should be barred from taking the interim job. If Goodell is going to go that far overboard to say that they can't hire a coach who's under no sanction whatsoever then they might as well just rule NO gets an automatic 0-16 season so everyone can stop wasting their time. Anyway I don't think Parcells takes the job, but if he does Goodell probably wouldn't step in, there's no rule stating the Saints aren't permitted to bring in a good coach. That's preposterous.
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