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Default Re: this dude got bit on the face by a spider...

Originally Posted by Mewwem22
Tissue? Pus? Worms? I don't know about you, but i feel better not knowing.

It probably hit a sweat gland in the skin, and when sweat glands get real infected and never cleaned, they can blow up and turn into a cyst and it can look like a big fat pimple. If it hit a blood vessel, there's little chance his skin would've swollen like that(plus you would see blood coming out as well), and he would've been poisoned. I had the same thing, my scalp got infected in two places and I waited, I needed surgery to get it out. It looked just like that, a sac with pus in it. Not pleasant.

It said he waited two days, he's very fortunate it only got to his skin. Depending on what spider bit him, he could be paralyzed or dead.
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