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Default Re: I know it's way too early, but let's get some "YES" and "NO" ^ in here already.

Originally Posted by rufuspaul

I would love and hate if we made the playoffs. I'd love it because this team is fun to watch and the exposure and experience of the playoffs would be exciting. I'd hate it because I think we really need one more top 5 pick before we start winning on a consistent basis.

I tend to agree. We need our upcoming talent to be more fully developed and we need another veteran player who can tie together the talent that we have--Gordon, Warrick and Sessions and Walker--into a more consistent and cohesive whole. I think that Biyombo needs to mature, too. He tends to be sloppy at times and I think that that has lost games for us. And at times our entire team's shooting is really piss-poor.

Have a good day, all.
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