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Default Re: POLL: Who's your all-time favourite Knick?

Personal Favorites:

Rod Strickland.I grew up wearing #11 n ppl always thought it was Isaiah Thomas but it was really because that was Strickland's # when he was a rookie.I met him when I was little and it was like meeting the pope for me lol. I still think he was the best player never to make an all star game.

Stephon Marbury-Even though his tenure here was as bad as one's could get, during my teenage years,Marbury was always my favorite player once Strickland got old.In my parent's house,my old room is still covered in magazine cutouts of Marbury.It was a borderline man-crush lol (pause).I tried to play like him,I shot jumpshots like name it.If my daughter ended up being a son,his middle name was going to be Stephon.I still think he got an unfair stigma as a bust.We ran him outta town as much as he did.

Bernard King-I didnt get to watch much of his stuff live because I was so young but I remember a few games.I also watch so much vintage footage. King and Anthony's games are so similar.It's no wonder Melo says that was his favorite player.King was an all time great and not only did he get a raw deal from the Knicks but he should be in over Scottie Pippen on the 50 greatest players list!

Trent Tucker-he wasn't all that good but he reminds me of my very early years of watching basketball.Not one of my favorites per se but I did convince my mom to name my brother after him lol

Carmelo Anthony-he's already become a fav of mine.Beyond the fact that he is an all time great scorer,he just seems like a cool guy.He seems like a guy I would hang out with.Amare too.Im glad we got him instead of LeBron in retrospect.Not that LeBron isn't better but he's a total douche bag.

If I had to choose one though,I'd have to say Rod Strickland.When other ppl were putting up posters rappers on their wall from Word Up magazines and Vibe,and Jordan,I was getting cut outs from magazines of Rod Strickland!
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