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Default Re: Why is the United States so much better at basketball than the rest of the world?

Originally Posted by CavaliersFTW
You people with your hair brained theories and uninformed opinions on genetics and intelligence

It's because U.S.A. is the father-country and central hub of professional basketball, it has a league (the NBA) with the tenured and well-earned reputation as the "best" in the world as such - more systems and opportunities have been in place to develop our young talent. And it is an absolute magnet for the greatest U.S. and International talent. The best players in the world will always gravitate towards the NBA - not some scrub-league team. So more great players also want to live here.

Europe for example, isn't producing "inferior" competition (Dirk, Sabonis, the Gasols, Manu, Parker - etc) - the reason foreign leagues like EUROLEAGUE sucks in comparison is because the good Europeans play for the NBA. The American NBA is stacked with not just America's best talent - but also the greatest talent from everywhere on the planet. Therefore American and International scrubs alike who can't make it in the U.S.A. tend to get repelled towards International leagues.

Again to the people getting caught up in race

And the reason International teams don't look like U.S. teams is because the U.S.A. is f*cking massive in talent pool compared to the countries we face. We have 50 f*cking States to pull our talent from many of which have large cities which are extremely competitive with the kind of basketball talent they cultivate - some of which (like California) are as big or bigger than the countries we are facing. Europe as a whole, does not necessarily produce inferior talent. And even China is getting in the game now. Race isn't the problem. International basketball isn't really that bad considering their lesser population pools (Europe) and/or level of economic development or interest in the game (Asia, Africa, South America). I think what people get confused by things like EUROLEAGUE. And Euroleague does suck at basketball. Royally. Because nobody great wants to play for some second rate Euroleague. But that doesn't represent International basketball - the NBA's great European players do.


Team USA can beat Spain, Lithuania, Russia, but it could NOT beat a unified European team, such as a Euroleague all star team.

You are an even bigger moron than the racist Afro supremacists are. Because they say the things they do out of racism. You are evidently saying them out of simply being a freaking dumb ass.

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