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Default Re: Why is the United States so much better at basketball than the rest of the world?

Originally Posted by jongib369

thats the only highlight I can find of him, do you know of any more? the music makes me LOL

And btw, I didn't create this thread to hate on overseas ball at all. If you want, message me sometime and possibly go into depth in your reasoning on some things. I'm interested in what you know

Belov was about a 6-4 180 SG. He was known as the Jerry West of Europe. He's still considered to be the best Russian player ever to this day in Russia.

Of course, in the US everyone says it is Kirilenko because he played in the NBA.

Anyway, Belov was the best player on the 1972 Soviet Olympic that's probably why he has never gotten any mention in the US. People still won't let it go, even 40 years later. Of course we can't really compare these players across eras. Same as with NBA players.

Personally, myself, I think Galis is the best European player ever.

If you have a question about European basketball, feel free to ask.

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