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Default Re: Arenas runs mouth again: "...Boston isn't winning in Boston for the season opener."

Originally Posted by johndeeregreen

This guy has such an enormous chip on his shoulder it's unreal.

I hope he shoots about 2/19 trying to guarantee this promise and gets shelled. F*ck, he's annoying. Everytime I read him talking more sh*t, I'm reminded of that Adidas commercial where he talks about not being bitter. It's ironic because nobody else alive can be as bitter and harbor as huge of a grudge as this guy. Someone on the other board said Arenas should be fined $50,000 every time he makes one of these stupid guarantees and doesn't follow through.

Don't worry about it... it's just talk. After the Wizards lose, he'll make up some excuse and things will be back to normal.
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