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Post Re: Rumor: Bulls/Kings trade in the making....

If we make this trade, it would further clog up the frontcourt minutes. We cannot just add a big guy that should be starting when we can't find enough minutes for our current players as it is. Don't get me wrong, I have always liked Brad Miller, but I don't think he is what the Bulls need right now.

If we were to do the Miller and a 1st for Noc and Noah, I think that would be a better trade, because Sacramento is likely to stink again this year in the West, but like was mentioned earlier, we don't have Deng signed, so this would have to wait at least until we resign him (if we do). I don't think Sacramento would trade for Noc unless they already had a deal in place to get rid of Artest. If they keep both of these guys on the same team, that is way too much money to spend on one position. Just like if we resign Deng, I think we have to think about trading Noc, because $8 million is too much for a backup, and I don't think he will play much at PF this season.
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