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Default Re: Rumor: Bulls/Kings trade in the making....

Originally Posted by Bulls2night
Are you kidding me... Brad Miller. Didn't we have him once back in 00-01 and 01-02 and then we traded him away for Jalen Rose. We had the worst record in the league with Brad Miller at the C and now we want him again. Honestly I can't describe the amount of ignorance Paxson has to make this trade. I have been very hard pressed for Paxson to make a trade but not for Noc/Noah for Miller and a #1. Sign and trade Gordon/Deng. These are the two players we should be focused on either signing or trading. Why are we even having conversations with other teams if it doesn't include Deng or Gordon, these two are our problem children.

DON'T MAKE THE TRADE...There has to be other options than Brad Miller, I just don't think Paxson is even looking.

this trade is BS... Paxson isn't THIS stupid... Brad Miller is ****ing 32... he has a lot of good basketball left ( roll eyes)
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