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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Just watched Thor. Potential spoilers ahead. It was better than Iron Man 2 due to having a better story, but not as good as Iron Man (I compare it to those because it has a similar feel). Thor, the character, was very good. He was bad ass when he needed to be, and he was humorous when he needed to be. The bad guy was ok. He didn't get me excited, but he didn't ruin anything either. Natalia Portman was ok for a bit, but her character really wore on me. She wines a lot throughout the movie about her scientific equipment, and one specific scene when the focus seems it should be on Thor being a bad ass, we get a close up of Natalie taking forever to say "Oh... my.... god" in a very annoying and ditsy way. Natalie's intern was even worse. She was apparently supposed to be a comic relief or something, but she just made Facebook and iPod references the whole time and I wanted her to die. Thor's sidekicks also sucked. They had a battle at the beginning (which I didn't like because it was too Lord of the Rings like, which is just not my type of movie), but after that, Thor's sidekicks were worthless. They felt more like comic relief themselves rather than bad asses. Heck, they came to Earth to help Thor, but they were completely worthless during the mini battle that took place on Earth. In fact, the only reason that Earth was attached was because they went there looking for Thor, so the only way they helped was by accidentally making Earth attacked so Thor could redeem himself. Finally, the bad guy froze the one guard (who was a character I liked by the way) that seemed to be able to help Thor and his friends, but did not kill the guard which allowed him to get out of the ice and save them. This was stupid for a couple of reasons. First, the bad guy is being all secretive so keeping this guy alive would have eventually blown his cover anyway, so why didn't he kill him and make up some story about his death? Second, the timing of the guard getting out of the ice was ridiculously perfect. Thor: 'Oh my, we are stuck on Earth, how are we going to get out of this bind?' Guard: 'Don't worry, I completely frozen, but I'll break out of it now at the most convenient time because I'm motivated, while earlier I didn't care if I was stuck in ice.' Seriously, the character growth/story of Thor plus a couple of the action scenes on Earth were the only real redeeming qualities of this movie.

6/10 (which is a disappointment from how much I thought I'd like it)
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