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Default Re: Could the Pacers eventually leave Indiana?

Originally Posted by jbot
i was just about to start a thread about this. here's a short article about the situation from

of course there's a chance that the pacers could leave conseco fieldhouse but maybe not the indianapolis area entirely. i say move them back to the arena at the fairgrounds, where they played long ago, and charge cheap ticket prices.

While I'd certainly support any measure that keeps the Pacers here, that doesn't solve the problem with Conseco. Then it sits empty 41 times a year, losing much of what little income they already have to pay the upkeep. Then the taxpayer and the government has no choice but to pay for it. And while playing back at the Fairgrounds or maybe Hinkle or making some tours around Mackey and Assembly Hall, the ticket price would have to be drastically reduced with the lesser "comfort factor" and maybe cancelling out any possibility of turning more of a profit. I'm worried, I can't find any solution other than a move, fold, or new ownership if the Simons are unwilling to address their business practice.

I suppose if there's any silver lining, it's that there can't be too many cities willing to accept what's looking more and more like a burden of a pro sports franchise in this climate. Of course, this climate isn't going to last forever (right?).

Originally Posted by catzhernandez

What? Lesser level of play or not, at least they're self sufficient. I assume so anyway, Purdue is obviously a public school who receives MUCH public money, but it's my understanding any outlying costs that apply to most BCS conference hoops programs are covered by the income. I love pro sports, but the culture of many owners is really turning me off.

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