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Default Our bigs

Well. Seems to me we got JJ back. I like the move. As long as he's dedicating his served time here to improve our team defensively. With hopes of improving that & keeping his mind motivated on nothing but this, we can get something out of it. After all, didn't he lead the league at one point at drawing fouls? This is what we need. We need him to also put up blocks & or rebounds. With this, Amare, Melo & Billups can create off of it. Not to mention Fields.

With Turiaf constantly needing to rest his big ass, we can get something done with our bench. If anything he may even start but I love Turiaf's hype to the line up.

Who else do we need in the big rotation? Barron? I heard his name being mentioned a lot. I think if our big man can handle defending/blocking/rebounding & if not much more to ask create in the offense, then we can get far in the playoffs.
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