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Default Re: OJ Mayo, Tryeke Evans, or DeMar DeRozan: Who will have the best 2013 season

Originally Posted by Money 23
When rotating between taking turns handling the rock ala a mini version of LeBron / Wade? Sure. But neither player can work off the ball. It's a lost art among guards and wings in the league. I really wanted the Bulls to pick him up this summer. He'd be perfect dominating the ball, and playmaking in the absence of Rose. They were rivals in HS, played for the same coach in college ... they might make each other better in practice. I don't know however how great they would be on the floor at the same time. If Reke had a legit jumper and off the ball game, catch and shoot, given his more SG caliber size ... they could be real special together.

Agreed on the shooting. His jumpshot is broke and that's bad, as he's already difficult to play with. A jumpshot would make things easier. At least some semblance of one.

But I think people are really underrated Mayo. He's got star potential. I don't really see it in DeRozan.
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