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Default Re: Barbosa to Pacers

Originally Posted by T.O.RapsJays
Those are some very bold predictions for Bayless...He does occasionally have the odd good game here and there, but there's no way he gets seven APG with the way he plays, shoots too often, and does not look to pass. He does not play like a PG, but at least he can offer good defense at the PG position.

How are my comments very bold predictions when he's already proven he's more than capable over and over? Virtually every time he gets starter minutes, he plays extremely well. This hasn't happened once, or twice, or three times, but at least 20-25 times during his four year NBA career.

He's currently averaging about 11 ppg, 2 rpg, and 4apg, but if given the minutes (30+ a game), and taken off the coaches short leash (which he's always been on), expect for him to put up Kyrie Irving type numbers or very close to it for the rest of the season.

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