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Default Re: 26 years old and want to get into basketball

Originally Posted by Rake2204
An additional note I find to be important regarding getting into the game of basketball: when playing five-on-five games (or four-on-four, or three-on-three) attempt to do the things that require effort. Many inexperienced folks base the level of their play upon how many shots they were able to take. I think you'll be able to experience more success early on by concentrating on the things that may come easier to you early on: boxing out, setting screens, establishing position for rebounds, never giving up on a play, etc. From that point, the glamour of the game will unfold itself naturally over time.

I love playing with these types, especially the ones that can rebound and kick out passes rather than trying to evade defenders in the back court with senseless lateral dribbling. If I'm on the arc and a shot goes up, I'm taking off as soon as the shot is released.
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