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Originally Posted by ittybitty814
somehow this thread turned into a vikings debate but back to word association:

garnett=loser, underachiever, 0 titles

WTF! OH MI GAWD! WTF!! Hey, you and I need to talk about this in the T-Wolves forum. I'm tired of you Garnett-Hatas. *lol* There's been several great NBA players without titles. Most were allstars, and had another allstar on his team. Garnett hasn't had that kind of help since Marbury. But each season, you could mark the T-Wolves to make the playoffs, but everyone knew they would make it pass the first round, because the Kid didn't have anyone to help him. If you trade Garnett to Spurs for exchange for Duncan. The T-Wolves would be even worse. The Spurs will be title contenders. The Kid leads his team in assists, while playing the PF. That is not supposed to happen!! You need a point guard to run the system. With Mike James there, he'll provide scoring and another assist-man. I'm sure with Garnett, Foye, & Ricky Davis running the lanes, Mike should be able to get around 5-7 dimes a game. Maybe even Garnetts assist will go up too, with so many scoring options. I don't recall when the last time, they've had this many options. So, please keep the hating to ya'self. Peace. And Godspeed.
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