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yeah you can, buy as many shares as you want. i don't think there is a minimum as long as you can afford a share, but i'm sure you can buy $500~ worth

problem is even if it does take off you have so few shares at a high price per share, your profit margin is extremely low.

but it is a nice way of familiarizing yourself with the stock market.

if you want to make real money with that low capital, try some penny stocks. watch them for a few weeks. they bounce like crazy, you can do quick 3 days turns on maybe $500 worth of a .18 stock, which jumps to say .27, and you're making .09 on every share, with mass shares...or even look at it as almost doubling your money(which would be at .36 if it got there). the bigger market really requires a ton of money to turn good profits imo. obviously penny stocks are extremely risky but if you follow it enough you'll see how they bounce with very little rhyme or reason, just have to weed out the shady/bad ones. follow something like xideq for a few weeks and see for yourself....altho thats on the verge of BK. a lot of people have turned this over and over in mass volume with couple penny jumps. key to everything is buy at low points or temporary bad news drops.

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