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Default Re: Looney a SF?

He is a perfect fit. I had made the Green comparison well before he was drafted. I could even see him getting time at center on that team, with the way they like to switch. If anything he's actually more athletic and rangy than Green.

But again, he's gotta make that shot a threat. And as much as that was true in general, it's probably even more true in GS. But he also may have an advantage in the staff over there being good at teaching that aspect of the game (I'm not positive, but I know SA for example is great at teaching shooting). I'm sure GS is hopeful he's another guy they can mold like they did with Green into a perfect fit for their scheme. I don't think it'd be impossible to see stretches where they'd play Green, Looney, Barnes, Thompson, and Curry all at once.

But they've got a lot of work to do with him, and he's also gotta get that hip healthy.
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