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Default Re: What will be the most heartworming story this season?

Originally Posted by RRR3
Durant isn't a good defender, the eye test should prove as much. He may be okay at times, but he was horrendous on defense against Miami. I don't blame him for getting overpowered by Bron, but he got lit up by Mario Chalmers and Mike Miller in consecutive games after being switched off of LBJ. It's not that Rio and Mike aren't capable scorers, but they're usually going to score around 10, not 25 on the Heat. That said, I don't think he's a terrible defender or anything.
"Defense", as a whole, comprises more than just man-on-man. As already quoted, KD does a number of things that form various aspects of effective defense. Thus, he has the top defensive rating in the league.

And, if you say that he had some defensive problems in the Finals, you also have to acknowledge that he played excellent defense on Kobe at several key points, helping OKC to move on from that series.
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