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Default Re: Tips for a man without a plan

Originally Posted by Faufner
Been out of the game for a while (2 years). Had a girlfriend for a little bit (she was quite hot, I must say), we broke up, and haven't tried since. Always entertained the idea of hittin' on girls but never did. Just never felt like gettin' into a relationship. I still don't. But I miss havin' a girl to hang out with (yes that includes intimately). Seemed like every situation (or oppurtunity) that came up, something just wouldn't be (or should I say, feel) right. These urges to get with a girl again have come up just recently.

I've been to a couple of bars and clubs, checked out the scenery, but again, nothing. I'm 0/0 because I haven't even tried. And thats the whole point, why the hell aren't I trying? I guess I need a little something like eye contact to lead me in. I'm not scared of rejection, but I wanna test my tells.

This is by no means a loner post. I'd consider myself a pretty attractive guy (sorry boys, no pics on my comp), but my game needs some polishing.

Randy you seem to love these kinds of topics, where you at boy?!

Nudes of so called Ex?
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