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Default Re: ISH Postaz you completely look down upon

Originally Posted by Parade
Originally Posted by Gifted Mind
Originally Posted by Gifted Mind
I received a 152 (IQ) last time I took the test a couple of years ago prior to graduating from High School. Currently it should be slightly superior.

slightly superior to 152? my father is a very reputable professor of theoretical physics and when i tested him, he ended up with an IQ of 135. in order to get 152, you'd literally have to perform close to flawlessly on every single subsection of the IQ test.

who wrote faust? can you memorise 10 digits that are read out to you (at a rate of one per second) and repeat them in reverse order? how are you with spatial tasks?

why do people lie with so much hyperbole on the net? i guess they assume the "audience" can't interpret their non-verbal cues and therefore won't be able to pick that they're lying. unfortunately for them, anyone can click ctrl-t, perform a search on google, and expose their bullsh*t.
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