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Default Re: ISH Postaz you completely look down upon

Originally Posted by Jamz Nayschmidt
Relax, Phar. That's part of his entertaining schtick. Do you honestly think if he sought approval for anonymous figures, that he would rush through his sentences like that or reveal an embarassing photo out of the blue? Or create a thread and behave like a homer.

He can literally CUSS like this: "****in ********** vagabone **** licking ***** popper cockmeat sandwich crackpot" and every other fool who acts hard in this here interweb, but he chooses to be nice. Let it be.

ive said it b4 and ill say it again the oj mayo is no joke no gimmick on that

i created this character "lilojmayo" almost 3 years ago way b4 mayo came in the national spot light
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