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Default Re: Driving the Lane

I'm not an expert, but I do have a few tips.

1. I think alot of it has to do with mentality. Make sure you attack the basket aggressively. That means, with force. Practice this before you do it in a game.

2. When driving, pound the ball hard into the ground. Stay low. Take long strides, if possible.

3. When you pick up the ball,protect the ball with your body and head. For example, if your defender is to your left, hold the ball with two hands around where your right cheek and right shoulder are. Stick your left elbow out. When you do this, you are protecting the ball with your face, left elbow and your torso. You might get hit in the face, but it's better than losing the ball.

4. Don't avoid contact; invite it. When you let everyone know that your open to being physical, many players will respect that and even back off at times. Don't be a dick, but be solid and tough.

5. Keep it unpredictable. Mix it up with layups, floaters, and passes. If the defense knows you're always going to pass, their hands will stay low and they will try to strip you.

Also, don't be conscious of being on the smaller side. Work on it, but don't show weakness. Some of the best drivers ever were small guys (i.e. Allen Iverson, Kevin Johnson, etc.).

I hope that helps.
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