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Default Another strange comment from Amare about Nash...

There were, however, some surprises. One of the questions I asked of the Mavs and Suns players was which of the two -- Nash or Nowitzki -- they would choose to build a team around. The expected, and safe answer, is to praise one's teammate (as Devin Harris of the Mavs did, saying: "How do you not choose a seven-footer with an unstoppable fadeaway?"). Then there's the route chosen by Amare Stoudemire, the Suns center. Asked who he'd pick between the two, Stoudemire said: "Shaq."

Told this wasn't an option, Stoudemire then brought up Kobe Bryant. "Don't forget Kobe," said Stoudemire. "In the MVP talk, remember that Steve has three All-Stars and Dirk has two. Kobe has none."

Ignoring for a moment Stoudemire's curious math (apparently, Steve and Dirk count as All-Stars but Kobe does not), it is interesting that Stoudemire made an effort not to say Nash, the man some would argue is responsible for much of Stoudemire's success. Especially right before the playoffs are to begin, when chemistry is paramount. (Told of the comment, one member of the Suns said, "What do you expect from a guy who chooses a jersey number of one?").

For perspective, Stoudemire did answer this question a few weeks ago, when the Suns were in the midst of a swoon. Still, diplomacy is clearly not his strong suit (apparently, there is no D in STAT, some would argue in more ways than one).

Why do people keep promoting Nash for MVP when the other stars on his own team obviously think that's a load of crap?
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