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Default Re: Q for Laker Fans who live in LA

Originally Posted by Kews1

Sorry i have friends in LA and would like to go to a basketball game with them?
Your just mad i dont want to go to a clippers game.

It's possible to still enjoy basketball when your team isnt playing, i hate the Lakers as much as the next Celtics fan but would i pass up the opportunity to watch Kobe, Nash, Pau and possibly Dwight if hes back from injury in their own arena with their own fans and experience the difference between there and Boston? No. I dont often get to travel to LA so i think ill make the most of this opportunity thank you very much.

Comon dude.... you don't get it? You're buying an EXPENSIVE ticket to see your largest and fierce rival play against another team?? Doesn't make sense. Watch them vs Boston IN Boston.
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