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Default Re: What's the consensus on Demar Derozan?

Originally Posted by Posterize246
I think he's a stud. Vince Carter is the same comparison I presented in the NBA forum. In the NBA? I think he tops out as a 22ppg, 3.5 apg, 5.5rpg, 1.3 spg kind of player which is really good. I watched the game where the high school studs played against international talent. Dude was swattin shots like Josh Smith. I know he can't do that in the nba but no reason he couldnt get 1 bpg (similar to the way mcgrady averaged over 1 bpg his first 5 years in the nba. did anybody know mcgrady once averaged 1.9 bpg with toronto!?). Overall the guy's a tremendous talent. At USC I see him averaging around 18ppg. It'll be up to him, Taj Gibson, and Dwight Lewis to make up for the scoring leaving in OJ Mayo and Davon Jefferson.

So you agree,Corey Maggette?
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