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Default Re: 2010/11 Observation Deck

Here's what I've taken from the game, win or lose. Even with our recent resurgence, I thought our ceiling was still an Elite Eight run. MAYBE a Final Four with almost perfect match-ups. dook is not a legit Final Four team. They are capable of making a Final Four run with the right match-ups, but they aren't repeating without Irving.

We start two freshmen, two sophomores, and our first two off the bench are a freshman and sophomore. We dominated the first half but have gotten away from what worked that half in the second half. You can tell the dook crowd is getting to our younger guys and we aren't playing with any poise. This should at least shut-up the idiots that were still saying UNC didn't stand a chance tonight.

Oh, and we're stone cold from three and shooting very poorly from the FT line and only down two.

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