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Wade gets called because he can get to the basket at will and Sheed can't guard Wade unless he fouls. End of discussion.

And eliteballer, you really needs to smarten up yourself. Seriously. You keep saying that "Wade took far fewer shots than the other leading scorers and got the most or second most free throws", and by saying that, you probabaly wanted to say that "he doesn't even take a lot of shots but he still gets a ton of foul shots and that's crazy", but in the 1st place, you should be able to know that large portion of Wade's field goal attempts were already translated into his free throw attempts. And since Wade is no chucker, there's basically no way Wade can take as many field goal attempts as some of the league's top scorers.

You just should change your freakin' username to idiotballer right now. I've had enough of your stupidity.

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