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Default Re: So I finally went paintballin

Originally Posted by GOBB
What did you wear or did you rent gear? I got some nylon sweatpants. Sweatshirt....fatigue hat but it dont match the nylon sweats and sweatshirt. Only thing I'm worried about...gear to rock. Footwear? Probably rock some old new balances.

I had with me my BLUE mechanic Overalls. As for armor I wore my life preserver underneath. had my old K-Swiss on.

I got nailed almost point blank range in my shin. In stung, then it hurt. Not so much that I cant walk, but it was throbbing the rest of the day.

Also we had 50 people playing, 25 each Blue and Red team. The last scenario we played the refs told us the loosing team gets excecuted. at the end of the game the winning team (my team) got to stand about 30 yrds away and open up on the loosing team (no full auto allowed). The ones to get hit steps out. The remaining guys stay until hit. Needless to say the last guy there probably have some welt marks on his back.
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