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Default Re: The Book of Revelations 12:1

Originally Posted by Doomsday Dallas
Acts 2:17

I had a vivid dream... 5 years ago... that I now think is a warning.

which is why I posted the batman nightmare scene to begin with.

low and behold... The Libra sign staring me right in face.

I mean seriously... What is Zack Snyder's artistic reasoning for that?

I guess it wouldn't be a big deal if I hadn't lost count of how many times the Simpson's have accurately predicted the future.
All of this is so stupid

So someone out there knows the end is coming per Bible, and decided to hide clues in the fcking Simpsons over the decades?

Absolutely retarded

Part of your problem is that you have no concept of probability at all... None. It's impossible that anything is a coincidence with you. You lack the logic to understand that mathematically there has to be coincidences. That's what a lotto winner is, a massive coincidence. But someone is going to win if enough people play. Just like some movie out of a bazillion movies made will have some "matching numbers". There are like 30 seasons of Simpsons, hundreds of episodes, covering every topic ever.... SHOCKER there are some similarities in there
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