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Default Re: MVP, DPOY, ROY, DROY, CPOY, COY...and SBMVP?

Originally Posted by ~primetime~
What do you guys think?

Most Valuable Player:

1. Drew Brees
2. Peyton Manning

^^^ I could easily see co-MVPs here...(also one will win OPOY)

(Brees has slightly better stats, but this is so close, if either team loses a game it will change the award I think, also I think it is now safe to assume that Favre has no chance)

Defensive player of the year:

1. Charles Woodson
2. Darren Sharper
3. Darrelle Revis (probablly won't win because of his team, but they still have a chance)

(this is also extremley close and could be given to Sharper because he is being given credit to the Saints defensive turn around, but I think Woodson has been nothing short of amazing and is in reality the better player, but again team record is taken heavy into consideration here, look at Ware last year)

Rookie of the Year:

1. Knowshon Moreno
2. Percy Harvin
3. Hakeem Nicks
4. Mark Sanchez
5. Michael Oher (dude got a movie)

(this seems like a really awful year for offensive rookies for some reason, not much to choose from)

Defensive Rookie of the Year:

1. Brain Cushing
2. Jairus Byrd
3. Brian Orakpo
4. Clay Mathews

^^^ that one should be very interesting, I have not paid much attention to the Byrd man yet, I need to see if he is the real deal...

Comeback Player of the Year:

1. Brett Favre
2. Tom Brady (if just sitting out a year from injury counts as a "comeback")
3. Ricky Williams (deserves some mention)

(moving on)

Coach of the Year:

1. Sean Peyton (best coach in the NFL imo)
2. Brad Childress
3. Marvin Lewis (most underrated coach ever)
4. Jim Caldwell (probably won't win because of Dungy but hey, if you're undeafted then you need to get mentioned)

Super Bowl MVP: (some guesses besides Brees and Manning)

1. Adrain Peterson or Brett Favre
2. Charles Woodson (that would be cool to see)
3. Romo or Miles Austin (I am allowed to dream)
4. DeSean Jackson (if this happens I will slit my throat, lol)

what about you guys?
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