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Default Re: MVP, DPOY, ROY, DROY, CPOY, COY...and SBMVP?

There is a difference between most valuable and most outstanding.

Most valuable? Peyton is the classic example. You take his off the team and replace him with an average quarterback (say Garrard, for example) and you got a six or seven win team instead of a team that clinches home field in 13 games.

Take Johnson off and replace him with an average running back (Green Bays running back for example, I forget his name though) and Tennessee is obviously less explosive, but do they suffer a 6 game win difference? I doubt it.

But Johnson is having a heck of a year and is dominating his position more than any other player is dominating theirs. Not only does he have a legit possiblity to break 2000 yards, but he also has a chance to break Faulks rushing/receiving total yards record. He's having a great year, but he's not more valuable than Peyton Manning or Drew Brees.
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