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Default Re: Islamic country = not a happy country?

Poor, uneducated, backwards? Sure.

Unhappy? No. Matter of fact they're one of the homeliest and hospitality providing community-oriented people in the world. There's a strong cultivation of agape love, brotherhood, and sisterhood around. You can ltierally feel it in the air.

Most people have a quiet sense of contentment and satisfaction. Quite well for not being nearly up to par with Western civ in any way shape or form.

Even the dirt poor illiterate villages of Albania, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and some of the North African tribes aren't home to a bunch of depressed cynical guys lolll. Sources. Friend's anecdotes in addition to personal experience.

Visit Saudi Arabia and Karachia and Tehran isntead of speculating.

Sure there are peopel who are naturally more curious and prefer more autonomy over their lives and seek something else.
But the overwhelming majority aren't exactly frowning and contemplating suicide on a daily basis. At least not in S.A.

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