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Default Re: Islamic country = not a happy country?

Originally Posted by JEFFERSON MONEY

Even the dirt poor illiterate villages of Albania, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and some of the North African tribes aren't home to a bunch of depressed cynical guys lolll. Sources. Friend's anecdotes in addition to personal experience.

Visit Saudi Arabia and Karachia and Tehran isntead of speculating.

Sure there are peopel who are naturally more curious and prefer more autonomy over their lives and seek something else.
But the overwhelming majority aren't exactly frowning and contemplating suicide on a daily basis. At least not in S.A.

I know a lot of folks with roots in Morocco, Algeria, inland Turkey, Egypt. They might not all be born there, but they all have most of their family there, are familiar with the culture, speak the language. They all speak quite fondly of their culture, until you ask them how it would be to live there. They would slit their throats before they would move back and start over.

Want to get married to a beautiful woman? Easiest thing in the world. Just go to any one of those countries, it doesn't matter if you are a fat janitor with no personality. The most coveted girls there will marry you just to get away from that place.

Karachi are you kidding me J Money? Looks like a happy place.
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