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Default Re: Islamic country = not a happy country?

Originally Posted by LJJ
I know a lot of folks with roots in Morocco, Algeria, inland Turkey, Egypt. They might not all be born there, but they all have most of their family there, are familiar with the culture, speak the language. They all speak quite fondly of their culture, until you ask them how it would be to live there. They would slit their throats before they would move back and start over.

Want to get married to a beautiful woman? Easiest thing in the world. Just go to any one of those countries, it doesn't matter if you are a fat janitor with no personality. The most coveted girls there will marry you just to get away from that place.

Karachi are you kidding me J Money? Looks like a happy place.

I have no doubt whatsoever that it's a sh!thole by cleaner, civilized, more educated Netherlands standards. And to the crowd of folks you've spoken with who have successfly escaped.. then yes they would confirm that they're glad to escape.

But as someone who has spent 3 weeks frolickign in the streets on 3 different occasioans, I can assure you that the people are not crying themselves to sleep every night. Especially with plans for more vegetation to be planted coming up soon.

The people are NOT miserable lol. Maybe it's the sunlight? Maybe it's the sense of community, the strict roles, the constant mingling with people, the dirt-cheap stylish clothes? Perhaps they are ignorant of greener pastures or better lifestyles in a different place,

People will be riding on motorcycles in the middle of nowhere, enjoying family dinners, throwing trash outside, they'll be making fun of the transvestites, eating kebabs, joking around with the corrupt policemen who'll let u have a license for 50 rupees, trading exotic birds at a bazaar, running in the rain barefoot to try to get to a Mosque.

Granted it's a filthy fukking place and is far more a dystopia than a utopia, but I was pleasantly surprised at the spirit of the people.. poor or rich, young or old.

But hey it's just a personal anecdote with confirmation bias at the end of the day eh.
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