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Default Re: Time to Trade Kaman

posted this in the main forum thread on my take of the clipper trade

At first, I was like this trade is horrible. Giving up a first rounder to save some coin. But there are some positives for the Clippers.

They save a lot of money. Did we all expect Baron Davis to remain healthy for the next 2 years? This dude is one of the most injury prone players in the game. Those types of injuries that nag on for weeks and months. Only the past 24 games he has played well as a Clipper. And that's in 3 years. Injured players like Baron really hurt team chemistry because you have to get used to him being in and out of the lineup.

Clippers have a lot of youth. Maybe too much youth. They are still developing Griffin, Jordan, Aminu and Bledsoe. You can only develop so much youth at a time. As I read in an article in this thread, they also have picks from Minny for 2012, in a better projected draft. And how often do the Clippers hold onto their draft picks?

Who knows, Mo could opt out the next year or the year after. It will certainly motivate him to play hard since he is playing for a contract.

The Clippers get worse in this deal but not significantly worse. Mo is not the prototypical pg for this squad, but he is not a scrub.

All in all, this is Sterling doing his thing to save some cash. But I dont view it as horrible as everyone else. Cavs still win this trade bc of the pick, but its not as bad in my eyes as most see. If he remains a Cav throughout his contract, Cavs fans are going to get sick of him being in and out of the lineup and clogging up their cap
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