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Default Re: can we PLEASE move deng? please?

If Deng can play like he did consistently then he is far more valuable than anyone we would get back in return from a trade. Unless he's part of a sign and trade to bring over a free agent who told his team he wanted to leave and they were eager to atleast get something back in return. Unless thats the case then we should hold onto him. Quite frankly, despite the games he missed due to injury he has proved to be pretty consistent this season. Hopefully, if he stays he can stay healthy. He isn't our biggest problem and shouldn't be our biggest concern. If we can move him in a sign and trade for Bosh then do it. Something like: Deng, Taj, Asik, and a 2nd round pick for Chris Bosh and Demar Derozan sounds pretty good for both teams. If not then hold onto him and put the focus on getting him stronger so that he's less injured.
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